If you are ever walking around London and spot something brightly coloured and woolly, you may be mistaken for thinking a child has lost it’s glove or a toy… or it could be the work of Yarnstorming guerrilla knitters Knit The City.
This crack team of ‘woolly warriors’ have a mission : a mission to graffiti the city with knitted and crocheted creations!  Together they have plastered Camden with knitted pirates, turned the walls outside the IMAX cinema in Waterloo into an Alice inspired woolly wonderland and brightened up the ballerina sculpture outside the Royal Opera House! Each piece of graffiti is tagged so everybody knows Whodunnknit…

I love this idea and if I could knit I’d be up for a bit of Yarnstorming. Good work girls!
Knit The City’s Deadly Knitshade has just had a book published which seems to only be available in Germany at the moment, but a UK version is in the pipeline.