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Last year my friend Cyriak and I made an animation together called ‘Meow’ which was all about a zombie kitten apocalypse (and an excuse to draw some horrible yet cute zombie kittens having a bit of a boogie to one of Cyriak’s music tracks!)

Fast forward to today and a message plopped into Cyriak’s Youtube inbox along with the following photo –

Bell and her little cousin go Trick or Treating!

Bell and her little cousin go Trick or Treating!

I had a quick look and then it registered that this child was dressed as one of the zombie cats from our video!

The rather unfortunate dangly-eyed zombie cat!

The rather unfortunate dangly-eyed zombie cat!

The girl beneath the costume is five year old Bell, who is a fan of Meow and wanted to dress up as a zombie cat this Halloween – good for her! Luckily she has a super-talented Mum and Grandma who set about making a fantastic costume for her! The head was crafted by Dawn Weast (mum) whilst Suzy Gruber (grandma) took care of the main (bloody) body of the costume – from neck right down to the claws!

'Meow Meow!' - Zombie Cat costume by Dawn Weast & Suzy Gruber

'Meow Meow!' - Zombie Cat costume by Dawn Weast & Suzy Gruber

I can’t tell you how much I grinned when I saw these photographs! I’ve seen Bell without her zombie cat head and she’s the sweetest little girl ever. I think if there was an Adorrible blog award Bell would have to win it for being so cute yet choosing to dress as a zombie cat!

You look awesome Bell, and I hear you got lots of sweets when you went Trick or Treating – well done! I hope people weren’t too scared of you! Your costume is just perfect, exactly how I imagined a real life zombie cat to be when I drew them for the animation! I bet you can dance just as good as them too.

Good work Dawn, Suzy, Matt and of course Bell and thanks for sharing your photographs with us and allowing us to show everybody.

Now I wonder if this costume comes in adult size…. :)

Last year my good friend Cyriak had created a song called ‘Meow!’ that he wanted to make a video for. Cyriak is well known on the interwebs for his crazy, surreal style of animation – check out his Youtube page for some brilliantly insane examples!
He and I teamed up to make the video for Meow! – and settled on the concept of ‘the zombie kitten apocalypse!’ which we thought went well with the track.

We basically wanted to make an animated zombie film….with cats!

I loved working on this with Cyriak, it was a long hard slog with me illustrating all the elements and Cyriak bringing everything to life with his animation skills. We especially enjoyed the aftermath of uploading the finished video to Youtube and had a good chuckle at some of the hysterical comments about how cruel we are to cats (Which couldn’t be further from the truth, both of us are huge cat fans! Meow! (=’ w ‘ =)


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